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I debated on posting this, this for me, is a vaulnerable post. Ironically, as many of you know, I find synchronicity facinating, and as I am typing this the song that started playing was Katy Perry- U... Read More

Be open.

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That fear That you’re not enough That you don’t deserve that goodness, that love, that job, that life. When did you let your heart allow fear to dictate something to you that couldnt be fu... Read More

Growth, Learning, Change

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It’s been a while, As those of you that follow my social media know, I needed a break, Im not yet off that break but I felt it was time for a new blog post. Last year was difficult, one of the t... Read More

The gift that is music.

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Music, for me, is one of the biggest soul soothers, mood lifters and all round super hero! Underestimated by some; appreciated by the majority. I love that music speaks to everyone differently! It can... Read More