To Inspire. To Heal. To Guide. To Love.

Where ever you are in your journey

Inspire is here for you

Illumination is they key to life Rawness is beauty Authenticity is radiant Your soul purpose is divine You are, because you are meant to be.

Be You

  • If all else fails, change your perspective
  • So often we are being blessed but can only see the rejection
  • Our fears of not fitting in are not worth our confidence
  • For when you are being yourself, the light you radiate is infinite.
  • How we choose to live should be based on feeling
  • In our soul, our feet, our hearts, that is where we should be listening
  • So, what if I told you that no matter what, you WILL find your tribe
  • The ones who understand and stand by your side.
  • Just remember
  • Be yourself, because your light is infinite and your tribe are waiting.

Love always, G xo


Everytime I feel the sun begin to shine
The air in a room with none
It disappears.
It leaves
And I’m there
Back in the dark
Struggling to breath
Struggling for words
Unable to deal with emotions
Unable to deal with life
Unable to deal with those mundane chores that seem so small and easy.
The chores that when not done make people think you’re lazy, selfish,  uncaring.
The chores that make you very bones heavy,  that feel like there are chains around your soul.
You’re an endless weight and that chore is 10kg added to your shackles..sinking you further into the abyss.
The timeless; boundless; empty space that’s also so unbearably full you can’t see what your doing.
The space where nothing and everything happens
The space where you are lost.



So, today its all about #timetotalk

Its about mental health, in all its form, its not something to be silenced, or spoken of in hushed tones, so many of us go through it on some level and we are made to feel alone, like it makes us weak, like not anyone goes through it.

Mental health can affect us all, in so many different ways from anxiety, depression, ocd, bipolar and more.

It does NOT make you a weak person, its not a case of but that person deals with this and they seem fine why cant I deal with it..

We are all, so often, fighting battles no body knows about..and so often, those battles are with ourself, our own mind, our own beautiful souls.

We need to show eachother more compassion, more understanding, we need to understand that so often mental health can feel like the ocean is crashing down on us and we cant fight to reach for air. We feel trapped in the feeling, struggling to see the light, the way out and so often struggling to see how many beautiful, kind and caring people surround us, not because we are not grateful, not because we dont know in our hearts they are there…but because we cant see past the chaos in our own minds..

Self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, waves of conflicting emotions and recently anxiety have been my most prominante issues.

Just because I help people through my work, my wonderful wonderful work, I love it with all my heart, I know how much it helps, to heal, to meditate, to journal, to work on yourself, my gift has always laid in helping others with this, with finding their light, their love for themselves, their confidence, their vocation.
Why dont I use it for myself you ask? I do! AND when I do all the above my god dont i feel different, i feel whole, i feel grounded, i feel stable and i feel free but guess what, when you get smothered by unrelenting emotions, stresses, it can be so much easier to allow it to rush you down the river then it is to fight the tide alone..

I also know, that I am blessed in that I am not alone.. however, another thing that mental health so often  manages is to create a false feeling of isolation, of having no-one, of not being good enough.

SO much is in my past, SO much has been overcome and SO much is still to be faced!

But I am not… YOU are not…WE are not alone..




YOU .. can make a difference in this world

Start with yourself
Help anotherHelp an animal
Make small changes
Speak your truth

its time #timetotalk

G xo


Be a beacon

Be a beacon.
You might not always see your worth
But; if you stay true and remain a beacon, those who see your inner beauty, your natural gifts, your beautiful way will help to guide you home, to show you the tools, to show yourself who you truly are.

To see that; You are worthy or greatness, of incredible love, of endless beauty, of joy, of innocence, of peace, of yourself and your inner power.

You are a superstar of epic proportions.

Go and be epic and do epic shit!
Love G xo



As some of you may know, I decided to do Veganuary (Vegan January) this year, as others of you may know, this is something I have wanted to do for several reasons for a good few years now but finally I felt I was ready to take that step and commit to it and Veganuary felt like the perfect timing.

This post is to share my expirence so far and to share a little bit about me in the process.

This is not a place of judgement, critism or anything but positivity so…if you’ve nothing to say, dont let your fingers tap one word on that keyboard, that goes for any post on this blog, website or any of my social media, this doesnt mean im not up for indepth discussions and hearing other peoples views, it simple means negativity is not tolerated here, not in my life. Thanks :)

Ok, so, a little bit about me first i guess, I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time, when i was younger (looking back i can see its because i was taller, broader and just not the same as all the other girls in my class) I was called fat, ugly, hairy, greek (greek is accurate not an insult so kudos on your wit child?!) etcetcetc. Now, when I look back, i can see for a while until I was at least 7years old, I actually wasnt fat, I was slender and healthy and actually just ridiculously tall for my age and looking back I wasnt exactly ugly, but, hey, you get told something for long enough and by enough people you begin to believe it right? Well, I did anyway..

So in the years that followed, I did, in fact, become fat and unhealthy and very unhappy. I yoyo’d in my weight frequently not through anything intentional, I ate what I ate and did what I did and sometimes I was a little less fat and sometimes not a little less fat… but my feelings to myself didnt change, not for a long time, I was, in my eyes as i had been told by so many ‘the fat, shy, greek girl who didnt really fit in and with all that hair’. I felt akward and shy and when i tried to put myself forward and be myself i got rejected and pushed out so I tried to not be myself and became very akward in my interactions not really knowing how to socialise, which, to be honest, was worse than just being myself, but hey, somewhere in all that i started to forget who I was, at my core, my essence.

For the years that followed I used food as my emotional crutch. Where emotions began to surface, I would chose food. Where I was isolated, there was, at least, food. Not any of it healthy, not that I didnt enjoy healthy food, I actually have always loved healthy food (i feel a zillions time better eating healthy) BUT when you are unhappy, the unhealthy food feels so much better for that whole minute and then….oh then…that wonderful sinking regret…that sinks into your soul like an anchor weighing down a ship… then what, you may ask..? Well…see …more food…more regret….more self loathing… vicious vicious cycle!!

So after school (more on that another time) I went to college, quite possible one of the best decisions I have made to date. I was surrounded by like minded, wonderful, kind, inspiring people that accepted me for EXACTLY who I was, who made me feel safe to be me and who I could then learn who that person I had hidden for so long was..

After college, I started weight watchers AND it worked for me, I got motivation, i stuck at it and I lost 3 stone.. I felt so much better for it too, I still had a lot to go but 3 stone is no mean feat. The thing is, I felt comfortable with who I was and I began to lose motivation, I didnt want to weigh things and count things and be ruled by food, food had already ruled me for so much of my life… so.. i stopped.. and to be honest it took a good few years for me to put any of it back on, that is a whole other story though really, I am trying to keep this as short as i can….can you tell? *grins*

SO.. anyway.. 2014 I got back to it, I went to the gym at least 4 times a week (which I actually started loving by the way, its not as horrible as you would think and the people really dont care what you look like, they are all working on their own personal development and to be honest, most are pretty kind.) I ate better and lost the weight I had gained, then I got into a relationship and to be honest got lazy, it happens, the nice bit was though, for the first time, even once the relationship ended and I was, yet again a little heavier than I was hoping to be at that point, I was for the first time genuinely happy with myself, exactly as I was, I didnt care what people thought, I was quite happy doing whatever the hell I wanted and so I made the most of it, I also knew I was due an op in 2015 on my jaw and I most definately over compensated for the food I couldnt eat after the op, before it *oops* anyway…after the op I was on soups and smoothies for 8weeks+ so I wasnt eating all the junk I had been and I dont really mean chocolate, crisps, I just mean processed crap like chicken, pizza and lots of pasta… MY BODY FELT AMAZING! It felt clean and clear and light and I didnt feel constantly ill (minus the jaw pain) or overly tired or anything overly crappy, again, except the jaw pain but thats expected of course. So I knew there was a huge problem with my diet and I also knew I had been avoiding it for faaarrrrrr too long, I knew when I drank milk I felt sick instantly, I knew the food made me sluggish and Ill and crappy. The op highlighted that for me because.. I DIDNT HAVE A CHOICE but to not eat crappy food. I had to have healthy smoothies etc.

I knew the time was coming to look at changing my lifestyle and I also knew I was best to wait until I was as close to recovery as possible (this took way longer than I was hoping Oct-Dec and im still healing now really) anyway In that time I heard about Veganuary… as I said wayyyyy back at the beginning of this post, it was something that I had wanted to do for a while. I believe in signs, syncroncities and meant to be and Vegan had been creeping into mylife for the best part of a year in conversation, in angel cards, online etcetc without me searching for it….then I heard about Veganuary and thought, right, thats it, that is the PERFECT time for me to start and hopefully I can get support from the group and the emails and get on track….well WOOOOWWW they are amazingly helpful, non judgemental and kind…all of them!

I went ‘cold-turkey’..excuse the expression…Ive not yet found a better one, please share if you have one ..
I started 1st Jan and what can I say, not only is being Vegan crazy simple, its made me eat better, I generally only have my 3 main meals, no snacking, im not hungry all the time, I dont pick all the time and there is sooooo much choice you wouldnt even believe. I have NOT in the slightest, not even for a second missed meat or milk (im adoring coconut milk) or eggs, I had a few moments of missing cheese BUT ooooooh boy did I find some vegan cheese…and….my gosh if its not better than ‘normal’ cheese…not.even.lying. try it.

Anyway im 28..nearly 29 days in (its 23: 23) and I have loved every single second of this journey.

Not only am I eating better, I have more energy, Im happier, Ive lost some weight, though its not my goal, right now im all about the happy and the being me any weight loss to follow is a bonus AND weight loss normally follows happy for me I have found :)

Along side ALL of that, im being authentic to myself, my nature and my being, I LOVE helping people and animals and it just didnt sit right with me that I spend so much time healing and helping and then eating, mainly when, in this day and age being raised for food they are often treated so poorly…So in turn, im helping in a whole new way and this makes me super happy!

It might not be a journey for everyone and you might not be ready right now but I would highly recommend trying Veganuary in future and just seeing how one month makes a difference to you!

I will be continuing on this Vegan journey!
Baby steps..
G xo

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